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Why We Research

Healthy Kids, Stronger Hearts, Longer Lives Imagine the parents, family members and friends of a 3-year-old child—who just received a heart transplant—being faced with a

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What We Research

Enduring Hearts Supports Innovative Research Projects   4,208 candidates waiting for a heart 150 need a repeat transplant 123,050 candidates waiting for a vital organ

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Our Funding Process

AHA Process Enduring Hearts Aligns with American Heart Association On June 29, 2015, Enduring Hearts announced a research grant-making alignment program with the American Heart… Read More

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Donations in Action

Helping Hearts… Your continued support enables us to meet our research funding goals, which in turn will encourage more investigators to submit their ideas and kick-start

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Family Programs

More about Gas cards to come!


Grant Deadlines & Info

The Enduring Hearts grant application deadlines are twice a year, depending on co-funding alignments as shown below. Generally, we have applications submission deadlines in January

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The Enduring Hearts Scientific Advisory Committee has selected the following submissions for grant awards since April, 2013. Duke University Medical Center, “Prevention of homograft induced

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Financials & reporting

Seal Of Transparency
Enduring Hearts is committed to financial transparency at all times. As a publicly funded charity, it is the fiduciary responsibility of our Officers and Board of Directors to be responsible stewards of your donations, and to insure maximum benefit to our stated mission to end the need for repeat heart transplants. To that end, we offer our Audited Financial Statements and Annual IRS Filings for public inspection. We’ve also earned the GuideStar Silver Rating, a testament to Enduring Hearts’ commitment to transparency. Please direct any questions about these filings to [email protected].
Enduring Hearts Formation & Public Record Items:
Enduring Hearts’ Public Charity Approval Letter
Enduring Hearts’ Application for Recognition of Exemption – Form 1023

Fiscal Year 2016 Filings & Reports: 
FY2016 Form 990 - Available Shortly
FY2016 Form 990T - Available Shortly
FY2016 Financial Statements Audit Report - Available Shortly

Fiscal Year 2015 Filings & Reports:
FY2015 Form 990
FY2015 Form 990T
FY2015 Financial Statements Audit Report

Fiscal Year 2014 Filings & Reports:
FY2014 Amended Forms 990 & 990T
FY2014 Form 990
FY2014 Form 990T
FY2014 Financial Statements Audit Report

Fiscal Year 2013 Filings & Reports:
FY2013 Form 990