What is Enduring Hearts?

Enduring Hearts is a curator and accelerator of research that will save the lives of kids living with a transplanted heart.

What does Enduring Hearts do?

We find the leading doctors and scientists in the field of transplanted organ rejection and capitalize their groundbreaking research. We follow the research process closely, utilizing our skills in building numerous successful businesses, we ensure that the funding is used efficiently and that our investment yields positive returns.

Why is Enduring Hearts’ work necessary?

1. A transplant is not a cure. Within 5 years, 38.5% of children with a heart transplant may die. Another 25% may need another heart transplant. Of those who have another transplant, nearly half will not survive.

2. Organ rejection is at the core of the problem. We need to combat rejection before, during and after the transplant procedure.

3. Without a curator, funder, and advocate, compelling research would simply remain ideas within the brilliant minds of the physicians and scientist who desperately want to help these kids live a normal healthy life.

4. There are many organizations that fund research aimed at repairing congenital heart defects, but we are the only organization solely dedicated to helping kids who have received or require transplanted hearts.

Who will our work help:

1. Babies born with heart defects that cannot be surgically repaired.

2. Kids, their moms and dads, their sisters and brothers and their grandparents all live with the anxiety knowing that their transplanted heart may fail eventually.

3. Many kids who receive other transplanted organs will also experience organ failure due to rejection.


Help Enduring Hearts fulfill the mission to eliminate pediatric heart disease and repeat pediatric heart transplants. Donate today to support the cause!